piątek, 2 grudnia 2011

Shall we start

fighting the greyishness

while December begins...

Have a weekend full of colours!

which somehow makes me remember this quote;)

"I can't color enough, I would color all day every day If I had my way, I would use every crayon in my box!"

 Samantha Jones
who knows - knows;-)

wtorek, 29 listopada 2011

poniedziałek, 28 listopada 2011

Yay! grey!

alright, I've finally found out (space engineering level of difficulty though) what colour works with burgundy, it is:

 ...gray in all shades:)

killer booties, eh?

ok, cream, brown and sort of cappuccino too


wtorek, 15 listopada 2011



this is just 'oh' so gracious... 
anyways it's far 2 cold here to wear ripped jeans and be bare footed <sad&frozen instead>

czwartek, 10 listopada 2011

Have a cosy long w'end Y'all!!!

2moro is going to be a great date and a great day, I just know it! + I'm going 2 cook&bake&eat, highly exciting!;-)

środa, 9 listopada 2011


- an expression used to show excitement (I like) after something good has happened:)
so... yessss, something good has happend actually, I saw these (above).ok, plus few more things...
can U tell me though, where on Earth could U possibly wear'em? 
have a sparkly afternoon in your... faded jeans :)